Metal Roofing


Providing metal roofing to Lancaster, PA has been a part of our business since its beginning. Metal Roofing is an excellent option for your house or barn roof. You can choose from 22 colors, standard 29 gauge metal or standing seam metal. Installation is quick and easy. Metal can be installed over shingles so there is no mess. Wagler Builders will take great care to not damage your yard and landscape while roof installation takes place. 

Advantages:Metal Roof

  • Costs are Comparable to shingles.
  • Can be installed over shingles. No mess.
  • Durable and maintenance free. Metal will not rot or crack. Will not blow off.
  • Metal roofing is lighter than shingles
  • Metal roofing comes in up to 22 colors
  • Energy efficient. Cool metal roofing reflects heat while asphalt shingles attract it. The tight seal of metal roofing also helps reduce heating bills in winter.
  • Find out how much you can save here
  • Asthetic appeal. Metal roofing and siding improves the look of old buildings.
  • 40 year warranty on the paint and metal base.
  • NO LEAK Guarantee.

We now manufacture our own Metal Roofing and Siding. Below is our color chart