Post frame buildings provide excellent storage space

If you are considering a building to increase storage space on your property, don’t forget to consider post frame buildings.

A post frame building is also called a pole barn but it does not have to look like a barn. You can build your building to fit your style while also adding valuable storage space at an affordable cost.

Here are several recent projects that highlight this.

24 x 32 Hay Barn

24 x 32 x 10 Hay Barn

This building in Bridgeton, NJ will be used for hay storage. The owners wanted something simple with not a lot of extra costs. They elected to go with a split sliding door because it looks great and allows a little more head room than a garage door would.A 10 foot tall building will accommodate a ten foot tall sliding door while it would only allow a nine foot garage door.

The building fit well with the property and will provide lots of hay storage for this small horse farm.

24 x 44 x 14 garage

24 x 44 x 11 Garage

This garage near Churchville, MD provides shop space and motor home storage. The two garage doors are 11 feet tall and 10 feet wide. We also provided the concrete floor and the gutter system.


24 x 40 x 10 Garage

24 x 40 x 10 Garage

This beautiful garage fits in well with the rustic atmosphere of Upper Bucks County, PA. It includes 12″ overhangs all the way around. There are two 10 foot porches in the back. The three garage doors have dutch corners. The barn has 8/12 pitch trusses and an attic with 6’2″ clearance.

Here is a short video showing more photos of the garage.

So consider adding a post frame building to your property and if you are in New Jersey, Maryland, or PA consider Wagler Builders LLC to build it.