Barn Restoration in Freeland, Maryland

Recently were contacted by a customer from Freeland, MD. She had an old dairy barn on her property and wondered if metal would be a good option to preserve it.

The barn was slowly decaying and it was time to do something with it before it was beyond repair.

Peeling Paint Old Barn

The paint was peeling but the structure of the barn was still in good shape so we were able to cover the wood siding with metal. We also removed the rusty metal on the roof and replaced it with new metal.

We installed new 2x4s on the rafters

We installed new 2x4s on the rafters

The rafters were still in good shape so we nailed new 2x4s to them. These new boards assure that the metal is fastened properly and will not blow off.

After the roof was installed we put new metal on the sidewalls. We scraped off the peeling paint and screwed the metal right to wood siding. Before doing this we nailed the old siding securely to the beams because some of it was loose.

Finished Barn

The barn with new metal siding and roof. The milk house also got a new roof


We also installed several sliding doors and windows. The new metal will help preserve the barn for many years to come. It also looks great and helps to maintain the barn’s original look.

For more information visit our website, or give us a call at 717-656-0138.