Snow Guards


As winter approaches it is a good time to think about snow guards for your metal roof. Snow guards are important for metal roofs because metal roofs are slippery. Snow can lay on the roof and build up for awhile. Then it often slides off in large chunks. These large chunks of snow can tear off gutters or be a hazard to people walking below.

Farm buildings or garages may may not need snow guards because few people will be walking below. However owners of commercial buildings, stores, houses, or churches should consider the liability associated with large chunks of snow falling to the ground. It is also more important to use snow guards on steeper roofs but the owners of low pitch roofs should consider them as well.

Here at Wagler Builders LLC we use a steel snow guard manufactured by Levi’s Building Components in our hometown of Leola. Levi’s is a wholesale seller and they are not keen on selling to retail but we can purchase their snow guards at AB Martin or Graber Supply.

Snow Guard Size

Levi’s offer’s a variety of snow guard options. The most popular snow guard we install is the Snow Defender 4500. This snow guard comes in 39 different colors so it can match pretty much any color of metal roofing out there. There is also an unpainted version available for a lower price. The thing I love about these snow guards is they can be installed with out using any caulk. The rubber strip on the bottom of the snow guard serves as caulk and they can be installed efficiently with screws.

Snow guards not only help protect your gutter and cars and people on the ground, they also look great. Several nice rows of snow guards really add to the aesthetics of a nice metal roof. For their price snow guards are definitely a great option for metal roofs.

Snow guards can easily be installed weeks, months, or years after a metal roof is installed.

Here are some more pictures of a new metal roof with snow guards we recently installed on a church.

Church 2Snow Guard Rows

We installed 4 rows of snow guards on this roof because it is 33 feet from the eave to the peak . Generally you only need the bottom rows, but on a roof this long and steep an additional 2 rows is necessary.

SnowSnow Guard Install

We install the snow guards on the flat space between the rib. We alternate the two rows on every other rib. The bottom rows we keep up 2 feet and four feet.

Properly installed snow guards will protect your gutters and the things parked below the roof. They also give the roof and attractive look.