A post frame garage

We recently completed a 40′ wide by 48′ long by 14′ high garage near Elmer, NJ. The garage will be used for shop space and storage.

Garage Doors

Several unique things about this garage:

  • The 1 foot overhangs on the sides and the ends
  • The 13′ high by 12′ wide garage doors
  • The entire garage was insulated with 1/2″ solar shield insulation.
  • The gray sides and roof accented with the black corner trim and fascia.

A garage like this is a lot of work from the early sketches to permits to completion. Our goal at Wagler Builders LLC is to make the process go as smooth as possible and provide advice where it is needed.

This job was in New Jersey so the customer needed sealed drawings. We worked with Graber Supply, our supplier, to acquire sealed drawings. After the local township approved the plans the building could begin.

Here are some pictures of the building’s progress:

Day 1

A picture of the job site after the footers were dug.


Here are all the materials for the job. Customers often are surprised how the materials all arrive on one truck


Here the trusses are set and most of the framing is complete

Metal and insulation

Now the roof is on and some of the sides


Here is a closeup shot of the 12″ overhangs. Notice the “bird box” we built in the corner. The one foot overhangs really dress up the building.

Back View

Here is a completed shot from the back

Front View

A completed shot from the front. Notice the 13 x 12 garage doors.

This was a fun project. We didn’t run into any big issues and it was completed in less than a week. If you are looking for a building to be built quickly and at an affordable price consider post frame construction.

Call us today at 717-656-0138 to discuss your own post frame project. We would be happy to discuss size, color, permits, and price. Post frame buildings are a good option for many building projects.