Welcome to our blog

Hello and welcome to the Wagler Builders Blog. We think a blog will be a good way to update what is going on with our company and also to highlight some of our latest projects. You can also see our latest projects at our Facebook page.

This year has been busy here at Wagler Builders LLC. The cold winter did not help us get off to a good building start. Cold and snow are not optimal building conditions, but we did manage to complete a few jobs in the cold winter months.

In January we completed this 50 x 96 x 14 open front building in Central New Jersey.

Open Front Pole Barn

The biggest challenge with this building was the 24 foot openings in the front. The three middle posts bear a lot of weight so we actually installed double 6×6 posts there and we cemented them in with wet concrete. Those posts will not move.The headers along the front of the building also bear lots of weight and are quite massive.

By March and April the weather was a lot better for building. In March we put a new metal roof on this 1930s era cow barn.

Metal Roof on Cow Barn

The old metal had seen its better days and was leaking in some places. We removed the old metal, and replaced the 2x4s as needed. Then we screwed on this galvalume metal. It is unpainted so it is a light silver color. We took down those 4 large cupolas, they were painted, and then put back up.

In April we did a job for a Briarwood Day┬áCamp in Bucks County, PA. The camp is home to hundreds of campers each summer. The owners of the camp were looking to replace some of their cabins. They hadn’t previously heard of post frame construction, but last summer they saw us building a garage near the camp and realized that post frame construction would be a viable option for their new cabins. The price was manageable and they were able to get buildings with wood siding that match the rest of the camp.

Here is a short video detailing the work at the camp. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6nOX-TtMFJk

As the year has progressed, we have been involved in a number of interesting projects. It is amazing how many different purposes our pole buildings serve. In the future we will detail more of our projects. We will also periodically describe the way a post frame building works. Things like installing footers and posts, setting trusses, installing metal, and putting on wood siding are all topics for later blogs.